Asian Mixed Fruit Dessert (Chè Thái)
If you are craving for something fresh and sweet but don’t want to spend much time in your kitchen, I believe that you are in the right place with this tasty, delicious, and refreshing dessert. Asian Mixed Fruit Dessert (Chè Thái) is a perfect combination of some different kinds of fruits mostly in cans. You will find out how quick, easy, fresh, and delicious the dessert is if you make and have it. Typically, whipping cream or coconut milk is added to get a creammy and tasty dessert.
Servings Prep Time
8servings 6minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
8servings 6minutes
Cook Time
Making pomegranate seeds
  1. Cut water chestnuts into small cubes like the size of pomegranate seeds. Place them into a bowl. Add few drops of red food coloring. Mix well until all the chestnuts cover in red.
  2. Place the chestnuts into a plastic bag. Pour in tapioca starch. Shake well to coat. Strain to remove excess flour.

  3. Place the chestnut mixture into boiling water. Cook for 3 minutes or until all the chestnuts float to the top. Remove the chestnut from hot water. Place them into the icy water. (This will help prevent any sticking.) Then remove from icy water and place into a bowl. Set aside.
Making the dessert
  1. Open all the fruit cans. Pour only the syrup of Longans, the syrup of Lychee, the syrup of Jackfruit, and the syrup of Toddy Palm into a large bowl. Then cut Longans and Lychee into pieces. Cut jackfruit into thin strips. Cut toddy palm into slices. Cut Green Al-Yu Jelly into small cubes.
  2. Place all the fruits, Green Al-Yu Jelly, and pomegranate seeds into the syrup bowl. Pour in whipping cream. Mix up.
  3. To serve: Transfer the dessert to a glass, add some crushed ice if you desire. Deco with mint. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes
The dessert will be more healthy and delicious if you have all the fresh fruits.
Love to hear from you. Please, let me know your result!
Main Ingredient Cost
Jack Fruit	   $2.18
Lychee		   $2.69
Longans		   $2.98
Toddy Palm	   $2.19
Green Al-Yu Jelly  $1.19
Water Chestnuts	   $1.59
Tapioca Starch	   $0.25
Whipping Cream	   $1.85
		  $14.92 ̣($1.87/serving)