Strawberry Smoothie Recipe (Sinh Tố Dâu)

Strawberry Smoothie (Sinh Tố Dâu)

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe (Sinh Tố Dâu) This simple, healthy, and dietary smoothie is a quick and easy how-to. Since it is a delightful smoothie, you will feel refreshed while drink it. Strawberry smoothie is made from 3 main ingredients: strawberries, Continue reading Strawberry Smoothie Recipe (Sinh Tố Dâu)

Vietnamese Yogurt Recipe (Sữa Chua/Da-Ua)

Vietnamese Yogurt (Sữa Chua/Da-Ua)

Sharing an easy authentic Vietnamese yogurt recipe. This is a good treat to give to everyone, especially children in their daily meal as an dessert dish. Check out our youtube channel for more short cooking videos, Print Recipe Vietnamese Continue reading Vietnamese Yogurt Recipe (Sữa Chua/Da-Ua)